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Dede Poulin

Dede Poulin will be the Beyond the Classroom Facilitator this year. She is absolutely thrilled to be able to work with Mrs. Sorensen and the five amazing students in this great program!

Mrs. Poulin has been blessed to work with many fantastic kiddos since getting into education in northern BC in 2001. She completed the Education Assistant program in the Yukon in 2012 and the Early Childhood Education program in 2014. She got to meet many mentors along the way who shared so much with her and was very fortunate to be able to participate in lots of great professional development. Her most recent experience in education was as a Therapy Aide in Yellowhead County, delivering OT and SLP treatment plans to students. She moved into health care when COVID changed everything and worked as a Health Care Aide in Edson for the past two years. Then along came this opportunity!

But work and school aren’t everything! There’s more to all of us than work and school. Mrs. Poulin grew up on the west coast then moved to the Yukon for twenty-five years before coming to Yellowhead County in 2014. She has two daughters, one granddaughter, two dogs and a cat. She used to have a small hobby farm until they had bad luck with too many predators. Maybe one day she'll have chickens, sheep, and bees again. She enjoys relaxing with gardening and camping and generally just being outside. Mrs. Poulin discovered paddle boarding last summer and loves being out on the water! This summer she's learned how to use a smoker and has made some tasty food! She is also a new volunteer with the Yellowhead County Fire Department and with Continuing Care. Being busy and trying new things keeps life exciting!

Mrs. Poulin hopes you’ll find the BTC program to be engaging and the room to be a welcoming space for all of you. Hearing from families and gaining insight from each of you will be so valuable. She appreciates any feedback you can provide so she knows what’s working, and what’s not. Advocating for students’ needs and rights is a priority, as is supporting them to advocate for themselves.
Mrs. Poulin looks forward to getting to know each other over the course of this school year!