Enjoy Your Retirement, Mrs. Shack

For anyone that has ever phoned Holy Redeemer or come by the school, you would have most likely been greeted by two amazing ladies who work in the office. One of those individuals is none other than Margaret Shack, the school’s longtime Financial Secretary. And after 22 years with the Living Waters School Division, 18 and half of those at HRH, Mrs. Shack is retiring.
“It’s time to move on,” says Shack who joined the School Division as a Teacher Assistant at
Vanier Community Catholic School in 1999. “You can’t work forever and even though I love my job, it’s time to move on. I’m ready to enjoy all that retirement has to offer.”
Shack has been a principle member of the Holy Redeemer team that opened the school in 2003. At that time, she took on the role of Financial Secretary for the school organizing the school’s finances. But
ask anyone and they will tell you that her role was much more than just counting money all day. She has
been the welcoming voice on the phone when someone calls the school, the smiling face that welcomed
both students and parents when they had questions, and was an outstanding ambassador to the school when dealing with different companies.
“Margaret has been an asset to our school division since the day she was hired,” says Principal
Betty Churchill. “She will be missed by our staff, students, parents and suppliers.” Churchill added that she extremely enjoyed working with Shack during their time together at Vanier and HRH. “Her humour,
banter, daily presence and genuine love of our school has been a blessing. I am honoured to have worked with this fine lady over the years, and will certainly miss her on our team.”
Looking back over the 18+ years at HRH, Shack could not pinpoint one specific fond memory that she has, instead she spoke about how much she enjoyed working with the staff and students. “I really
enjoyed the environment,” she says. “I am going to miss the staff, for sure. They are the best. Being at
HRH is being a part of a family, a second family, and I’m certainly going to miss everyone.”
Looking ahead to her time in retirement, Shack plans to stay busy with her two number one
passions. “I’m looking forward to my sewing machine and my grandkids,” she says with a smile, the same smile that has greeted so many that have walked through the doors at HRH.
Since HRH opened, Shack had a partner in the office, Administrative Assistant Roxie Bretzer.
“Margaret joined me at HRH when we first opened the doors,” says Bretzer. “Her sense of humour, her wittiness and compassion for the students have made our school one of the most welcoming schools, for both students and staff.” Bretzer added that Shack was more than just the Financial Secretary. “She was a doer of all. She went above and beyond her job description and helped anyone who needed a hand. She will be missed at our school by all, but especially the office staff. She’s been here for over 18 years and we will miss her smiling face every morning. We wish her all the very best that life has to offer.”
When asked if she could pass on any advice to the next Financial Secretary, Shack was quick to respond. “Be ready to change the things you have planned,” she says. “Be flexible. We work in the most
dynamic environment ever, and you never know what might happen day to day and things are always
subject to change.” Shack added that this is one of things she really enjoyed about working at HRH.
Shack concluded by saying, “This is best school in town. The staff and students are simply the
best. It’s a great environment, and I’m going to miss everyone.” And you can count on the fact that all of the students, staff and parents are going to miss Mrs. Shack just as much.