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Work Experience

Holy Redeemer provides various opportunities for high school students to take part in work experience programs. See the information to learn more about these programs or contact the school's Academic Counselor.
Work Experience
Work Experience is designed to provide students with practical educational opportunities in the workplace. Work experience provides opportunities for students to explore and expand their career interests and aptitudes in meaningful activities situated in community-based work stations, worksites, and volunteer agencies. Students can earn up to 20 work experience credits towards their high school diploma.
Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)
The Registered Apprenticeship Program is a way for high school students to apprentice in one of Alberta's 50 or more designated trades. Students can earn up to 40 high school credits towards their high school diploma and accumulate hours toward a ticket will attending high school.  
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Green Certificate Program
The Green Certificate Program is an apprenticeship-style, workforce development, training program serving the agriculture industry. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF) works in partnership with the agriculture industry and Alberta Education (via the off campus education policy) to offer the Green Certificate Program to all Albertans. Trainees select a specialization and under the guidance of their trainer, work towards mastering all of the skills within their
training program.
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