Hopefully Yours

One of the many unique and valuable programs Holy Redeemer offers is Beyond the Classroom. This year, students in this class have started a new initiative called ‘Hopefully Yours’.

The BTC program is a very specialized program that offers services to the most vulnerable students. The curriculum focuses on developing functional literacy skills, functional numeracy skills, social skills, vocational skills, personal living skills, physical/emotional skills, healthy relationships and sexual health.

The new initiative, Hopefully Yours, is a quasi-business where students will learn a variety of important skills such as creating budgeting, shopping, cleaning, functional math and English skills, doing domestic chores, social skills, keeping track of finances, and banking.

“In past years our students have organized a coffee cart and sold coffee and baking goods to staff members,” says Renee Lamabe, HRH’s Life Skills Facilitator. “But with all the COVID protocols this year, we needed to get creative.”

Hopefully Yours is divided into three important sections. The first one focuses on collecting and selling second-hand clothing. The students will then learn how to properly sort clothing for washing and then wash all of the clothes, which includes reading labels on the clothes. Finally, the students will prepare the items to sell. Prospective buyers will be asked to make a donation for the clothing, which will help students learn monetary skills.

The second venture focuses on making and selling dog treats. Students will find a dog treat recipe that is easy and economical to make. Students will search local flyers for the best price for ingredients and use math skills to determine how much they will need to purchase. The students will go grocery shopping and then bake and package the dog treats. The students will then sell the finished product to the school community for a donation. The students will also be donating these treats to rescue shelters around town. “This shows how compassionate our students are,” says Principal Betty Churchill. “Hearing this truly warms my heart and shows how much these wonderful students care about those in need, which is a huge part of our faith at Holy Redeemer.”

The final project focuses on fire starter kits. The students will collect egg cartons, shredded paper and old wax candles so that they can individually build the fire starter kits. They will then be sold to the school community for a donation.

“This program is showing how these amazing students can be active, responsible citizens in our community,” says Lamabe. “In addition, it helps these students spread kindness to those around us in need.”

The name, Hopefully Yours, was chosen in relation to HRH and what the school represents. “The name and symbol represents that each person is created in the image of God and given the ability to think, reason, and create from a moral perspective,” says Lamabe. “It drives students to respect themselves and others, instilling a desire for doing right and helping other people.”

To see a collection of items that students will be selling, please go to the Hopefully Yours Facebook Group found on the HRH website or this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/188629446079630/