Another Big Year is Here!

The sound of laughter fills the halls. Extracurricular activities are happening before and after school. The classrooms are filled to the brim with students learning. Yes, summer is over and Holy Redeemer has begun another school year.

“Our school has a reputation for being a busy place and this year is no exception,” says Principal Betty Churchill. “We even had some of our extracurricular activities begin in August before the first week of school.”

The first day of school on September 6th was certainly busy, but with the provincial government putting COVID protocols on the back burner, the staff and students were able to get together for an opening day assembly. “It was great to see everyone’s smiling faces and welcome all of our new students to HRH,” says Churchill. The assembly included a short pep rally for the Six-Man Football team, and introduced new staff members Monica Sorensen as the Inclusive Education Lead and Dede Poulin as the Life Skills Facilitator.

HRH is home to a number of outstanding extracurricular programs and activities that are open to all students from grade 7 to 12. One such program is the aforementioned football team that is coming off its best season ever with a 3rd place finish in the province. “We’re back bigger, faster, stronger and hungrier than ever,” says Co-Captain Aidan Was. The team has a record 24 athletes who are set to host five home games this season.

Another program that plans to continue their strong momentum from last year is the Drama Department. “This year we plan on getting back to our traditional format of a major production in the fall and performing three one-acts for a dessert theatre in April,” says Drama Teacher Peter Taylor. “We are all set to hold our auditions for our main stage production of Through the Looking Glass and I know we are going to have an outstanding group of students working on this show.”

Back in the world of sports, Athletics Director Julie Rothwell says all the usual sports teams will see action this year. “Our goal is to give our students every opportunity to take part in athletics,” she says. The school plans to run golf, cross country, volleyball, basketball, track and field, and badminton.

Other programs such as Students’ Union and March 4 A Cure are planning big events this year as well. 

Holy Redeemer will also continue to have a strong academic program as students learn in a faith-filled environment. “Our school has a long tradition of excellent provincial achievement and diploma test results, along with outstanding high school completion rates,” says Churchill. “Our teachers are proud to continue to improve the quality of education in our school so our students receive the best opportunities possible.”

Holy Redeemer is still accepting new registrations. Feel free to contact the school office at 780-723-7437 for more information.

So, with all of the extracurricular programs up and running, and the classes providing top-notch education, one can easily see that HRH is one of the best places for students to learn and grow.