Dog Biscuits from Beyond the Classroom (BTC) at HRH are back this year!

Just like the rest of the world, we have labour shortages and are having to adjust our prices to deal with inflation! 

In all seriousness, the BTC group this year is composed of only five students and some of these great kiddos experience limitations that prevent them from participating in cooking.  This affects the quantity and rate of dog biscuits we can produce.  To keep the spirit of the BTC dog biscuits from becoming a chore instead of a labour of love, we will post when we have dog biscuits available.  The price will also, unfortunately, be raised to $10/bag (14-15 biscuits), or three bags for $25. 

Another option is our pre-measured ingredients so you can mix, roll, cut, and bake at home.  These kits will be available for $8 each and we can accept orders for the DIY kits.