March 4 A Cure Returns

March is here and with that Holy Redeemer kicks off its annual March 4 A Cure campaign. This month-long event has raised over $120,000 for the Alberta Cancer Foundation, and this year, the dedicated group of students look to add to that total in a big way. 

“This year, the students have set a goal of $15,000,” says Organizer Mike Bachinsky who commented that they just came off their best year ever in 2022 where they raised over $20,000. “The students have come up with a lot of great events and activities that are sure to get people inspired to donate to this worthy cause.”

Over the course of the month, the students will organize a number of events that people from the school and the general public at large have an opportunity to be able to participate in.

Earlier this year, the group ran a perogy fundraiser through Gourmet Prairie Perogies. This past week, the students had a number of activities going on in the foyer at lunchtime that included Candy Jar Guessing, a Loonie Drop, and Cancer ‘Sucks’. Over the course of the month, a dedicated group of parent volunteers will organize some hot lunches for the students.

During week 2, the Chicken Bingo event is returning for yet another year. “We started this last year,” says Bachinsky. “It’s where people bet on a specific square, then we bring in a chicken, and when it ‘marks’ a square, those individuals who bet on the square win. It’s fun and hilarious and disgusting, all at the same time.”

During the fourth week, a fan-favourite event returns - the Basketball Shooting Competition. Students pay $0.50 per throw, and the person who has the most baskets by the end of the week is the big winner. “Our basketball players love coming out and showcasing their skills, adds Bachinsky. “Not to mention, there are a lot of bragging rights on the line too.”

The final week will feature a bake sale and Cake Wars.

Of course, the biggest revenue generator for the event is the Online Auction. Numerous businesses have donated a number of fantastic items for bid, and are posted through Patterson’s Online Auction. The auction will run from March 6th to 19th. The link will be posted on the HRH social media pages. Be sure to have a look at the items as there is something for everyone.

This group of student volunteers is extremely dedicated to putting together a fantastic event. Some of the key members on the team include Allison Giroux, Maya Dalueg, Robyn Hussey, Malaynie Steffler, Nolan Taylor, Jenna Giroux, Greg Holden, Niccolo David, and Mason Dalueg.

And finally, if individuals are interested in making a monetary donation, please make all cheques payable to the ‘Alberta Cancer Foundation’ and tax receipts will be issued for amounts over $20.