New Staff Members

It seems like summer was over in a blink of an eye, and now school has begun for another year at Holy Redeemer.

With that comes the announcement of some new staff members joining Holy Redeemer. Although to the school community, three of the staff are actually very familiar faces.

The first new staff member is HRH’s fifth and newest Principal, Mrs. Sandy Whitten.

“I’m incredibly happy to be joining this amazing school,” says Whitten, who has been an administrator within Living Waters Schools in Whitecourt for the past ten years. “I've always been impressed with how well HRH was run and I’ve heard so many great things. When I heard that the Principalship had opened up, I was very excited to take on this opportunity.”

Whitten originally hails from Peace River and is a graduate of the University of Alberta. After spending one year teaching in Edmonton Public Schools she moved to Whitecourt where she has spent almost all of her 32 years as a teacher. “I taught at both Living Waters Schools (St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s) in Whitecourt, ” she says. “I also served as Assistant Principal and Acting-Principal there as well.” Most recently, Whitten served as the Division Religious Education Coordinator and as Acting-Principal in Slave Lake before taking the position at HRH.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know the students, staff and parents at the school,” she says. “As well as getting to know the community of Edson as a whole.” Whitten is excited to see the Athletics and Drama Programs in action, and to see the Grads in their final year of schooling. When asked if she has words to live by this year, she said, “I focus on student learning and building relationships. I believe that is the core of education at any school.”

The second new staff member is a familiar face to many students as it is Mrs. Kim Carroll, who has been teaching at Vanier for the past 15 years. “I’m really excited for this change as I’ve always taught elementary and now I get to experience life in a high school. Carroll was born in Connecticut, raised in Colorado, and completed university at Manhattanville College in New York City. “My father worked in the Air Force Space Command, so we travelled around quite a bit,” she says. “In 2008, my husband and I moved to Edson and that is where I started my teaching career.” Carroll is known for her quick wit adding, “Sometimes I like to tell people I moved to Edson because of the climate.”

While teaching at HRH, she taught almost every grade before landing in grade 6 for the past few years. “Those years spent at Vanier helped me get to know so many students that are now here at HRH.” Carroll will be teaching English Language Arts 7, 10-1, 20-2, 30-2, Film Studies and Fitness.

Another familiar face joining the staff is Mrs. Kim Haland, who will be at HRH half time teaching Religion 7, 8, 15 and 25, as well taking on the position of Division Religious Education Coordinator. For the past 16 years, she could be found teaching a variety of grades at Vanier. “I love teaching about faith,” says Haland. “This opportunity is the change and challenge I am looking for.” With her position as Religious Education Coordinator, she will be tasked with leading a Division Committee to organize different events such as Student Faith Day, Staff Faith Day, and infusing faith throughout the Division.

The final staff member joining HRH is Mrs. Leigh Seymour who will take on the position of Inclusive Education Lead. Seymour's job will entail organizing materials and paperwork regarding students with learning disabilities, and guiding teachers on best practices in educating inclusive education students. She will be at HRH for only about a quarter of the day, while she teaches Kindergarten and is the Inclusive Education Lead for the rest of her day at Vanier.

With the four staff members joining the school, HRH is proud to have a committed and dedicated group of teachers looking forward to educating all students within a faith filled environment.