Archbishop Visits HRH

On September 16th, Holy Redeemer was blessed to have Archbishop Smith join us during the afternoon. After a brief assembly where he shared that he prayed for our community this past spring during the two evacuations and the flood, some students asked him some questions, such as if he had always wanted to become a priest, why he cheers for the Edmonton Oilers, and they heard he loved golf and asked him if he is any good. The Archbishop answered each of the questions with grace and style. He then spent some time visiting On behalf of HRH, we would certainly welcome back the Archbishop anytime.
During the assembly, our school also recognized staff members with Living Waters long service awards:
Mr. Gravides: 6 years
Mrs. Brown: 9 years
Mrs. Rothwell: 9 years
Mrs. Gantz: 15 years
Mrs. Hallett: 15 years
Ms. Gauchier: 21 years
Mr. Taylor: 21 years
Mrs. Tobin: 24 years
Mrs. Churchill: 27 years
Mrs. Whitten: 27 years
And Board Chair Gemma Christie: 36 years!!!